Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to See Titanic in 3D

Top 10 Reasons to See Titanic in 3D

The re-release of Titanic in 3D has been going strong for over a week and I had enough willpower to resist it, until Friday.  Who was I kidding?  I was in the middle of Titanic’s centennial and I love both the history and epic movie.  Besides, back in good ol’ 1997 I saw Titanic in both a regular theater and in IMAX, I just had to add 3D to the list.  Now, I’ll level with you; the 3D here isn’t as great as it was in Hugo, but for a movie not originally set in 3D it ain’t too shabby.  But rest assured James Cameron, if you plan ahead and set up a 50th anniversary re-release in 2047 in 5D holographic smell-o-vision, I hope to get my wrinkly old self in to see it again.
In case you have been on the fence about seeing Titanic in 3D, here are some of the main reasons that make it all worth it.
10. If My Heart Will Go On really is your favorite song in the world.  You shouldn’t tell anyone that, but that is a good excuse to see Titanic.
9. Kate Winslet’s boobs.  Though the 3D didn’t really enhance them, they’re still a cornerstone of film nudity.  For my generation, they were probably the first set we saw outside of a health video.
8. If you were too young to see Titanic back in the wilds of 1997.  Now is your time tweens!
7. That shot where the hallway seems to explode from the water rushing all over.  The 3D gimmick works particularly well there.
6. When the ship breaks in half and the stern smashes into the water, crushing people below.
5. That guy that hits the propeller.  Anyone who’s seen Titanic knows which guy I’m talking about.
4. That final minute as the stern of the ship is sucked under.  The new sense of depth added is most thrilling here.
3. The last half hour of the ship sinking.  That’s where the 3D pulls some magic.
2. To teach kids that Titanic was a real event.  Really, this is just sad. 
1. If you just have a real love for the movie, experiencing it again is totally worth it.


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